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Screen On/Off Sound mobile app
genre  |  Utilities
os  |  Android
price  |  free
self-rating  |  E - Everyone (what is this?)

This simple app will play a sound of your choosing when the screen is turned on or off. Works great with tablets that have a cover which automatically turns the screen on or off.

I programmed this after receiving a Nexus 7 tablet as a gift, as well as a case with a magnetic flap which automatically turns the screen off (like the iPad).  However, no sound plays when this happened.  I wanted a little assurance that the screen actually did turn off, and "Screen On/Off Sound" was born!

Download from the Google Play marketplace for Android

This app is offered freely, but if you find it useful, please consider donating (even $1 is greatly appreciated!).

psBackup - Simplified Backups
Only $4.99!
genre  |  Utilities
os  |  Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix
price  |  $4.99

psBackup is the easiest way to backup your most important files! Compatible with Windows, Mac, and even Linux and Unix, it's perfect for scheduled backups of documents, emails, music, etc, to an external hard drive or network drive.

Download Free Trial

Key features:

  • Automatically "rotates" backups - deletes old backups to make way for new ones
  • Unattended backups - can be started from the command line, automatically closes when finished
  • Downloads files from the web - backup web sites and databases to your local machine
  • Nightly backup-ready - Easily works with Windows Scheduler (pre-installed on most computers) so you can backup important files every night


Reviewed by SoftPedia.com and found to be "100% Clean"-- no spyware, adware, viruses, etc!

Bare Bones Diet Counter mobile app
genre  |  Health and Fitness
os  |  Android
price  |  free
self-rating  |  E - Everyone (what is this?)

This no-frills diet counter and food diary keeps track of your daily weight, carbs, calories, etc, for each meal. Perfect for someone starting a diet plan or if you need to track your carbs or calories due to diabetes or other health concerns. Features a very clean and simple interface anyone can use. - Latest update: Now you can backup your entire Bare Bones database to your SD Card, useful when switching phones or uninstalling the app (and reinstalling it later). Available on the Android Marketplace.

EvolutionFAQ mobile app
genre  |  Educational
os  |  Android
price  |  free
self-rating  |  E - Everyone (what is this?)

This app is the perfect resource for all of your questions about the Theory of Evolution. It syncs with EvolutionFAQ.com to always have the most up-to-date responses to the most common questions. Whether you are curious yourself, or have frequent discussions about the topic, you'll appreciate always having this tool on hand when questions arise. Once synced, no Internet connection is required, so you can take it with you anywhere. The app is totally free, though donations are gratefully accepted (with a portion going to charity). Check it out today! Available for Android devices.

Alien Pyramid Challenge!
genre  |  Puzzle / Platformer
os  |  Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7
price  |  free
self-rating  |  E - Everyone (what is this?)

Awarded Indie Game of the Month by the go
In this platformer-puzzle game, you're trapped in an ancient Egyptian pyramid with a somewhat sarcastic mummy companion. Move around giant limestone blocks, dangle from perilous moving platforms, and soar from shockingly-springy spings to find your way out of each room! But beware the dangerous spikes and the mummy's "hints"!

Available for XBOX 360 Indie Games and Windows Phone 7!