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psBackup - Simplified Backups
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genre  |  Utilities
os  |  Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix
price  |  $4.99

psBackup is the easiest way to backup your most important files! Compatible with Windows, Mac, and even Linux and Unix, it's perfect for scheduled backups of documents, emails, music, etc, to an external hard drive or network drive.

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Key features:

  • Automatically "rotates" backups - deletes old backups to make way for new ones
  • Unattended backups - can be started from the command line, automatically closes when finished
  • Downloads files from the web - backup web sites and databases to your local machine
  • Nightly backup-ready - Easily works with Windows Scheduler (pre-installed on most computers) so you can backup important files every night


Reviewed by SoftPedia.com and found to be "100% Clean"-- no spyware, adware, viruses, etc!