Easily Scan to PDF

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In the business world, we frequently have a need to create PDF documents which can then be emailed around (for example, contracts and proposals).  The alternative would be to use an old-fashioned fax machine; something most average users do not want to keep up with.  However, many scanning programs do not make it easy to save a multi-page PDF document, instead forcing you to deal with several JPG files or something similar.

I would like to introduce to you my favorite method of scanning to PDF:  "NAPS", which stands for "Not Another PDF Scanner."  It's free, simple, and works with every scanner I've found.  Once you scan your pages, you can easily reorder them if you like, and then save the collection of pages to PDF (or directly email if your workstation is set up with an email client).

I have even gotten it to work on my Wireless WiFi printer's scanner, so I can scan wirelessly.  If you do a lot of scanning and working with PDFs in your life, this is the best program out there.  As a side note, it does save into other formats than PDF, but if you're a business, this is probably the only format you'll ever need to use.