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The Peacock Rx system for pharmacies connects patients to pharmacists with an easy-to-use mobile app and companion web site

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An open-source advising and degree audit system for universities and schools

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From web applications to mobile apps to custom desktop software, or even just debugging an existing site, we are happy to help.  No job is too big or too small!


PHP/HTML/CSS/JS Web Development
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MySQL/Oracle​ Database Management
Drupal Framework CMS
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Most recent blog post

SSH Key Authentication in Eclipse

I love Aptana as a PHP IDE which lets me edit remote files, through an SSH/SFTP connection.  However, at the time of this writing, it does not support every kind of SSH exchange algorithm.  When it hits a snag, the exact error message it gives is "No suitable key exchange algorithm could be agreed."  I found this was the case on Acquia servers.

While this can be fixed at the server level, if you are working for a client who does not have access at that level (For example, on an Acquia server), you just can't use Aptana.

Which is where regular old Eclipse comes back into play.

About Peacock Software, LLC

At Peacock Software, the client's wishes and needs always come first.  We are always happy to discuss a project fully before work begins, to make sure the client will feel happy with the results.

We are located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but of course can easily do business (and have) all over the globe.  So whether you need just a few tweaks to an existing site or app, or need something completely new and original, please contact us today!