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MySQL Temporary Tables

If you have ever needed a routine which rebuilt a large database table every night, you've probably run into the following situation:  while the table is being rebuilt, whatever scripts which read from it will be broken, and you risk users of your system (or site) seeing the data when its still only half-populated.

For those MySQL gurus out there, you're probably screaming "use transactions!"  But, if you are using a MyISAM table instead of InnoDB, that isn't an option.

Symlinks in Windows 7+

Did you know you can create a symlink in Windows 7/8,10, etc just like in Linux?  If you don't know what that is, imagine a directory somewhere which is actually displaying the contents of another directory, maybe on an entirely different hard drive.

The command needs to be run from the command line, and looks like this:

MKLINK [options] link target
Example:  MKLINK /J data "C:\Dropbox\MySQL Folder\data"