Java Associative Arrays (Sort Of)

Ever wish that Java had associative arrays (aka assoc arrays) like in PHP?  As in, $x["name"] = "Bill" ?  Well, I created a helper class for Java which comes close to approximating it.  It can even loop through it similar to foreach().

ipad-java.jpgI call the class PseudoAssocArray, because it actually uses a HashMap to do the behind the scenes work. 

Click here to download the source file (CC BY 3.0 "Open Source" license)

Simply download and import the file in your project, then use it like so:


PseudoAssocArray temp = new PseudoAssocArray(1);
temp.put("name", "April");
temp.put("age", "26");
// ...
String n = temp.get("name");

You can even make it be 2 dimensional by supplying a 2 in the constructor.  For example:

PseudoAssocArray temp = new PseudoAssocArray(2);
temp.put(0, "name", "April");
temp.put(1, "name", "Samuel");
// ...
String n = temp.get("1", "name");

Loop through like so:

temp.resetCounter(); //always do this first
while (temp.hasMore()) {
  Object obj = temp.getNext();
  // or: String s = (String) temp.getNext();

To loop through and get both key and value, try this:

while (temp.hasMore()) {
  Map<String, Object> entry = temp.getNextMap();
  String key = (String) entry.get("key");
  String value = (String) entry.get("value");