I'm Going to EDUCAUSE 2019!

I'm thrilled and so proud to announce that my company, Liftoff Academics, been selected to exhibit at the world-famous EDUCAUSE annual conference!  We were selected from applicants to their "Startup Alley" exhibitors program, which lets start up companies like us attend the biggest conference in Ed Tech.


Educause itself is a nonprofit association and the largest community of technology, academic, industry, and campus leaders advancing higher education through the use of IT.

Their Annual Conference (held in Chicago, IL this year) is know the world over as the biggest gathering of EdTech and IT professionals for Higher Education.  It's a place for CIOs, IT managers, administrators, professors, etc, to gather in one place to discuss all aspects of using technology in universities and schools.

Their attendance numbers are staggering for a conference: 4,000+ Higher Ed and IT professionals.  The conference itself is being held at the McCormick Place West convention center in Chicago-- the largest convention center in North America.


What Will Liftoff Academics Be Doing There?

We are so thrilled to be attending the EDUCAUSE 2019 conference!  As stated in the intro, we were selected from a group of applicants to their "Startup Alley" exhibitor program.

Those accepted to Startup Alley are all small companies just getting started, and we are thrilled to be able to meet up and network with other such companies in the Startup Alley.  It's an excellent place to speak not just with potential client schools, but also with other vendors like ourselves, to find common goals we might partner towards.

Our booth will be promoting our current lineup of software products, with an emphasis on FlightPath Labs.


If you are going to be attending, I want to meet you!  Please contact me today and we'll be sure to schedule a get-together while we're there!