Top Websites Running Linux (2018)

Every year or so, I enjoy going through some of the top websites in the world, and finding out exactly what OS their server is running.  Usually, it's always some flavor of Linux.  It's been a few years, so it makes sense to give it a fresh look.

Data is provided from Alexa and Netcraft.

Let's begin with the top 10 websites in the world:

Ranking Site OS
1 Google Linux
2 Youtube Linux
3 Facebook Linux
4 Baidu unknown
5 Wikipedia Linux
6 Reddit Linux
7 Yahoo Linux
8 Google (India) Linux
9 Qq Linux
10 Taobao Linux

So, as we can see, Linux is the clear choice for the top websites (and therefor, busiest websites) in the world.

I have cherry picked a few other popular websites which most people will recognize:

Ranking Site OS
11 Amazon Linux
12 Twitter Linux
16 Instagram Linux
30 Netflix Linux
43 eBay Linux

Personally, I always use Linux servers, specifically Ubuntu, due to its ease of use but also its overwhelming popularity means that if you do run into trouble, you can find a wealth of information on the Internet to help you out-- but I'll save that for another post.

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