Waveapps.com - Great for Small Business Finances

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This post isn't really about IT or programming, but I thought it could help some folks out anyway.  I am a freelance developer, and like a lot of freelancers, I need an easy system for keeping track of my finances.  I believe I found that in the free web site waveapps.com.

Let me state for the record that I am not paid by Wave, nor am I in any way connected to this company.  All I can say is that in my own experience, it has made keeping track of purchases & invoices a lot easier.

Aside from being able to manually input basic transactions (like purchases, or when you receive a payment), one of the best features is how it handles receipts.  When you make a business purchase, you can either scan the receipt and upload it online, or take a picture of the receipt with the Wave Receipts app.

It isn't always perfect, but in general, it does a decent job of analyzing the image and figuring out the retailer and how much you spent.  Once you confirm it's right or not, that goes into your history of transactions, and it makes it MUCH easier to file your business expenses when tax season rolls around.

Since most of my business expenses are online (domain renewals, for example), I use the phone app to take a picture of the email receipt I'm sent.

There are lots of features which I do not use, too, which others may find helpful.  So if you are looking for a free way to manage your finances, check it out.