What Server OS Are Top Sites Running? (2020)

Top websites running linux, top web server OSEvery year or so, I enjoy going through some of the top websites in the world, and finding out exactly what OS their server is running.  Usually, it's always some flavor of Linux.  It's been a few years, so it makes sense to give it a fresh look.

Data is provided from Alexa and Netcraft.

Let's begin with the top 10 websites in the world:

Ranking Site OS
1 Google Linux
2 Youtube Linux
3 Tmall Linux
4 Facebook Linux
5 Baidu Unknown
6 Qq Linux
7 Sohu Linux
8 Taobao Linux
9 360.cn Linux
10 Jd Unknown


One thing you may notice off the bat is that, compared with my study from 2018, there are now a LOT more Chinese or Asian web sites in the top 10.  Sites like Sohu and Tmall have suddenly shot into the top 10, pushing aside sites like Reddit, Wikipedia, and even Amazon!

Also notice, as usual, Linux is the predominant server OS for the top 10 sites.


As for myself, I always use Ubuntu on my servers, mainly for how easy it is to set up and update, compared to Redhat or other popular choices.


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